We're looking for a few great beauties to promote our brand.

Here are the requirements for becoming a Nectar & Mane brand ambassador.

1. You must have a public Instagram account and other social media platforms such as youtube and Facebook.

2. You must be passionate about haircare and natural products.

3. Must be able to create and share beautiful high quality content including videos and pictures. 

4. Must be willing to passionately talk about our brand. 

5. Must have a decent following on social media. 


Benefits of becoming a Nectar & Mane brand ambassador. 

1. The full Nectar & Mane product line to try for free

2. A chance to try new products for free.

3. A chance to represent Nectar & Mane at trade shows and other apprearances.

4. Exclusive discounts for yourself and discount code for your social media followers. 

5. A Nectar & Mane sponsored giveaway on your instagram.

6. Other surprise gifts.  

7. The chance to be featured on our social media platforms, email blasts, website (under products)  and other marketing promotions. This will also help to grow your visibility and lengthen your resume. 

Please note: The Nectar & Mane Brand Ambassador program is an unpaid program. 

How long does it last?

Nectar & Mane Brand Ambassador program last for 3 months. 

What is required. 

Brand ambassadors must post about our products at least twice a month to their Instagram and other social media accounts. 

Photos and vides must fit our brand aesthetics and must be done well with great lighting and clean backgrounds. 


Think you have what it takes to be a Nectar & Mane brand ambassador? Please email us and we'll be in touch.